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to ask me questions because im bored as shit & I’ll check out yo blog

Just reblogged a super hot pic of you. Could sure go for more of you in those True Religions!

Haha thanks for reblogging me I’m honored :)

you're absolutely stunning

:) thank you for making my night !! Ps I just reblogged everything from you love your blog

do you ever feel insecure about your body? when you do what do you do?

Doesn’t everyone??? Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror and tell myself “you have beautiful legs” or whatever I hate at that moment & I say it over & over again until apart of me believes it. Its honestly the only thing that works for me!! Hope that helps :)  

whats your nationality?

To my knowledge I’m Polish, Czechoslovakian and Irish…so white haha 

I dare you to see if you can stick your tongue out as far as you can for a whole minute and post a video of it. Bet you can't! HAHA!

haha umm thats awkward

You're just really fuckin gorgeous. Thats all. Shout out to being the same age haha

:))))) thank you that made my night!!

Do u like girls?

I’m sorry but I don’t :’(

Can you show us a picture of your hair short?

it was never short short but here

How long did it take you to grow your hair?

I cut it all off in 2008 & have been growing it ever since so about 3 or so years :)

what do u eat in a typical day? how u stay so thin?

I eat zucchini 1-2 times a day, a lot of salads & rice & almost everything I eat is gluten free because I can’t eat gluten. Honestly I’m thin because its a genetic thing but I changed my diet & exercise habits recently to maintain my figure. Hope that helps :)

favorite movie?

ummm soul plane or grandmas boy haha

darling you are wicked sexy and have a gnarly blog, beauty and brains a diamond in the ruff :3

:D thank you sir for making my night

how r u legally allowed to smoke!

I have my medical card haha ;p

can u like translate the tattoo on ur back? i can't read it for shit in that pic lol but it looks nice

Give into hearts desire
Moon drunk couldn’t get much higher
No shame for the animals we are
We never felt so alive
-it’s a quote from we own the night by the 69 eyes